Monday the Advance party of 5 arrived: Here we are on Tuesday with Lion Island in the background
Sara and Gary braved the cold for a quick dip on Tuesday
Wednesday our party increased to 7
Mike and Jenny came down fro a visit on Thursday.
The view from Ettalong Lookout near the water Tower above Pearl Beach
The Waratahs were sensational
Sara and the Waratahs off the road to Patonga.
Sara on the "clown bike" our foldable "Bike Friday" riding back from Patonga Thursday
Peter and Joan visit the waratahs on Friday
Cards was a popular pastime at Pearl Beach… like the old days!
Gary cooking on the barbeque.
Jenny came to visit on Saturday, her sampling Annette's muffins.
At the beach Saturday morning
The three sisters
A family group shot out the front of the Pearl Beach house
Sara saying farewell to Grace.
Maurice and Grace departing Saturday afternoon.
Jenny and Sara walked to the top of Ettalong Hill with Pearl Beach behind. Saturday
Saturday night pre dinner snacks
Bush turkeys were common visitors around the house.
Sunday we walked out to Waratah lookout (off the road to Patonga)
And of course we stopped to check the Waratahs.. just the girls.
Emma with her favourite coloured flower.
A picnic at the roadside off Hawke Head Drive: Bouddi National Park
With a spectacular vie down the cowst
A tick on my hand after removing from Sara
A lady beetle on Emma's jumper.
On the walk out to Box Head
The lookout at the end of Box Head with a different view of Lion Island
We then clambered down a steep track to the rock platform.
And along the rocky path back towards Tallow Beach. Note Lion Island behind
The view north.
And the clambering over the rocks just above the waves.
Waves breaking as we walk.
Flannel flower
A posed shot with all 7 of the walkers
A better shot (i.e. without me) from Little Tallow Beach)
Ruby braves the water on little Tallow Beach
Dolphins surfing in the waves off Tallow Beach: what are way to finish our walk!