Morocco Cycle Touring week 5: Rabat to Fez

14th to 20th May 2013: From Rabat up to Kenitra then inland to Volubilis and towards Fez
A spoke nipple had sheared off so in Rabat before leaving I put on a new one and trued up the wheel. More details here
Annette has become quite a "Berber Whisky" addict. Everyday there are a least two pots of Moroccan Mint Tea. Here she shows the correct way to pour it, from a great height to help it cool.
Dinner at the butcher's shop come grill! This was not an uncommon combination and in Sidi Yahya du Rharb where we stopped for dinner late on Tuesday night (14th May) there were three in a row where you selected your meat from the butcher and had it grilled in in front of his shop. Excellent chops!
Tuesday night we felt right at home, camped in the wild in a gum forest. This photo is getting up Wednesday morning.
And this shot is getting up Thursday morning. A fossil seller invited us to camp in his dilapidated orchard and brought us thyme and fennel tea. It was conveniently right near the Roman town of Volubilis.
This is the view of the agricultural land which made Volubilis an important Roman town from 40AD to 280AD.
The reconstructed Basilica adjacent to the Roman Forum of Volubilis. This is the best preserved of the Roman Cities in Morocco and apparently had up to 20,000 residents.
One of the many incredible mosaics. This one depicts an acrobatic horse rider receiving a frophy for his feats.
The Triumphal Arch. Reconstructed in 1930.
Gary getting a massage by our guide: Mohammed, in the fancy bath of a weathy person's house.
Another impressive mosaic: This one depicts the many labours of Hercules.
A fancy gate at the end of the main plaza in the city of Meknes.
The view from the rooftop of our road (hotel) showing the dilapidated terraces.
The terrace top of our riad (hotel) in Meknes
The tasteful restoration of our road (hotel) in the centre of Meknes. Our room was the one on the left.
The main gate in Meknes.
Our bike being worked on. For the whole long sage go to here
Leaving our Riad (guesthouse/hotel) on Saturday morning (18th May 2013)
Fez: the main gate to the medina where we parked our bike ready to get lost.
The view of the main city mosque from the terrace of a carpet emporium nearby. This was the site of the "first" multi-disciplinary university.
An interesting Fez lane with attached rooms above.
A friendly (that means keen to sell us something) man in a herb and potion store in Fez.
A mosque struggles to be seen from the congested lanes and packed in buildings.
A fez medina street scene with carpets for sale.
The view from inside the Bou 'Inania Madrasah built in the mid 1300s. It featured impressive tile work and carved panelling next to a functioning mosque.
The spider pattern tile work so popular in Morocco. Supposedly inspired by the story of Mohammad's rescue by a spider spinning a web at a cave door to convince pursuers the cave had not been entered for a long time.
The rocking Clock Cafe within the medina in Fez where we had dinner Sunday evening.