Photos from Paragliding at Piedrahita: Spain

First flight in Piedrahita.
From west of the main launch in a boggy paddock. (Sunday 2dn June 2013)
First flight in Piedrahita. (2nd shot)
pulling the wing up.
First flight in Piedrahita (3rd shot).
Running through the bog
First flight in Piedrahita (4th shot).
Still running through the bog
First flight in Piedrahita (5th shot).
finally in the air!
First flight in Piedrahita (6th shot),
and away!
First flight in Piedrahita (7th shot).
First flight in Piedrahita (8th shot)
finally thermalling.
Looking back on launch and across to the snow capped mountains
The valley and Piedrahita.
launch (at 1909m) with Piedrahita in the distance (at 1130m)
The town landing field and the house we are staying in as seen from the air on Monday evening.
Mick about to launch and Helen watching on.
Making the approach to the "town" landing field Tuesday evening. The L paddock to the right of the dirt field right next to the houses is the landing zone.
A shot of me flying over the house in the middle of town just before landing on Tuesday evening.
The house were we are staying in Piedrahita.
Gary on launch on Wednesday.
Turning to launch.
Piedrahita in the background just after launch.
Gary just after take off at Piedrahita on Wednesday
Wednesday, thermalling high over Piedrahita. maybe 500m above town which is about 1100m ASL
Sunday evening 9th June and the weather finally allows another flight.
An unfortunate cravat in my wing meant this launch had to be abandoned. I then messed up a few more attempts before finally getting away about 2:25pm
Shortly after take off. There are 6 gliders in this shot. I am the closest. Not the guy in the top right is already doing big ears, and I will be in a few minutes.
Looking back to launch just before I am engulfed in cloud.
Before the pass and climbing before crossing towards the quarry ridge.
Over the pass and on the way down to land.
My best cross country. I landed in the plower paddock between the sign and the bus shelter. Obviously it was 24km from Piedrahita and still 34 km to Avila. I landed about 3:20pm
Taking off on Monday evening about 7:50. Piedrahita in the background.
Looking back to launch with Iain and Helen still over launch on my last flight.
My last landing at Piedrahita about 8:30pm Monday evening. In my favourite landing area, the town LZ, a short walk to our house. I'm actually in the dryer next paddock and you can see the actual landing paddock and behind it the village.