A map of our route in Morocco
At first we headed South of Agadir and at Tiznit we went to the coast at Aglou Plage.
The scenery in this Southern Area was often flat and dry.
We usually ate out for at least lunch and Tagine was the most common dish.
In every village there were butcher's shops and it was not uncommon to see the whole heads of cattle, sheep or goats available for sale as well.
We only camped in the "wild" (i.e. not in a camping area) a few nights.
Out of Tafraoute the scenery in the Anti Atlas mountains was spectacular.
We took a day ride of over 100 km (without our case) into the oasis valleys of the Anti Atlas.
Heading back towards the coast there were old castles and great panoramic views.
Our bike was a contest problem after a "mechanic" pulled the gear hub apart to replace some spokes. Here a very capable mechanic is organising some spring wire to keep the bike going.
North of Agadir there are many popular surfing beaches. We spent a few days at great little fishing village that was also a popular but not overdeveloped surfing spot: Inssouance
Sunset over the Atlantic from the port in Essaouira
Essaouira although crowded with tourist, had a lovely atmosphere.
This shot is an attempt to catch the feel of a typical rural town.
Marrakesh was a hectic city and the main square was an interesting spectacle with snake charmers, dancers, hawkers and others trying to attract business.
The last fixing of the bike in Meknes. It only made a bit over 100 km before we were lucky enough to replace the whole back wheel.
The ornate entry gate into the medina in Fez.
Fez medina. A street view of carpets for sale.
Chefchaouen, the picturesque village in the Rif mountains of northern Morocco.
A scene in the Rif.
We rode up the Mediterranean coast from Martil. Note the extensive tourist elopement behind us.
A collection of doors from northern Morocco.