We arrived in Kashmir and took a walk along Dal Lake. A street scene in Srinagar Our second day and it is snowing heavily so we are off to Baba Reeshi After a few days there has be 1.2 metres of fresh snow Fresh tracks and a wondrous view across to the Himalaya Annette sets off for an 1800m descent to Drung in the valley below. The road back from the valley to Gulmarg is often slow and congested. Hiking to the top of My Apharwat under the watchful eye of the Indian Army. Shopping in the little village of Gulmarg Fresh snow Our guide Majeed and our lucy-time host at Seven Spring. Inside his kitchen on a snowy day. Annette deep in it. Annette Our large room at the Hotel Heevan Gary makes Fresh tracks Annette Crossing the bridge at the end of a run to Drung Gary hiking to the top of Mt Apharwat Annette sets off towards the valley after a hike to the top. Gary snowboarding. Our splendid houseboat on Dal Lake to conclude our visit to Kashmir. Dal Lake: Golden Island