Putting the bikes together outside our flat in Lynmore: Saturday
Leaving for a ride in the forest with Emma on the Tandem: Sunday afternoon, raining in the morning.
At the bottom of "Billy Tea". James riding in the forest on Sunday afternoon.
Monday a ride in past the thermal area on the way to Rotorua
At Lake Rotorua: There was a large gaggle. Introducing one Geese family: A gander (white on left), gosling (yellow) and goose (on right)
Tuesday the rental camper arrived in the rain. After shopping for supplies it was loaded for adventure
Emma and James head off to explore New Zealand
Wednesday it is still raining and Annette is recovering slowly so a quiet day inside our little home.
Geyser on Monday 30th September.
Emma washes James down after the sulphur water from the thermal bath.
Thermal Pool: Butcher's Pool.
Sunset over lake Taupo from our beach camp at Kinloch
Waking up Tuesday morning to a lovely day at Kinloch on Lake Taupo. What a great free camp spot.
A swim in lake Taupo to cool down after riding up the hip out of Kinloch
Pakihi Track near Motu was a great Thursday outing: see Blog entry here with photos
Saturday Afternoon at the top of Tokorangi with course still in place from the 2W Enduro
Moerangi Track: Whirinaki Forest: Monday 7th October SEE MORE PHOTOS HERE
A ride on Tuesday 8th October out along Split Enz
We walked back up the "big-dipper" after we had ridden down it just to see what we had done.
Here is a view from the top, well actually the tricky part starts even further back around another corner. It is steep and quite intimidating.
Looking down the "big-dipper" on Hot X Buns. Note the bike at the bottom-left.
A crowded trip up ion the shuttle. Usually there aren't bikes on the bus but this was the last run of the day.
Loading the tandem on the trailer
Thursday our bike finally broke: For a full description and photos SEE HERE
The Neilson family joined us a the rally: Here from right to left Dean, Alana (blue), Erin (pink), Annette and Jeanette in the background in green.
At the anti-Monsanto rally in Rotorua.