Morocco week 1:

from Agadir down the coast to Sidi Ifni and then into the Anti-Atlas Mountains
our planned trip
Crossing the Straits of Gibraltar
Bike Assembly at Agadir Airport Tuesday 16th April
Agadir had juice bars and this was our favourite: large Fresh Avacado and Orange mix for 12 Dirhams (about AU$1.40)
Our camp in the yet to be opened Camping Takat . A very lucky find in the middle of nowhere.
We are farewelled from our camp Thursday morning by the french owners.
1km from our camp we reach the National Park were there was NO CAMPING or paragliding either.
It is a bird sanctuary, but a pretty desolate area.
At the beach at Sidi Toile
Our lunch being made: a delicious Tangine: in Sidi Bibi
The scenery on the way to Tiznit
Another scene on the way to Tiznit. Flat, rocky and dry
Our camp at Tiznit
At the beach haven of Aglou Plage
Camels, a large herd tended by shepherds or is that cameliers or maybe camel-herders
For Andrew! This is obviously a great hill for paragliding if you read the sign.
Arriving in Mirleft. Quite a relief until we find there is no camping.
Lunch a fish tanginess. Food is certainly a highlight of Morocco. Delicious and inexpensive.
Our camp by the beach (you can see the waves through the bars) at Sidi Ifni
Sidi Ifni: A panorama from the surf
Annette on the beach at Sidi Ifni
Paella on the promenade in Sidi Ifni
A Berber concert late on Saturday night back in Mirleft
On the road to Tiznit from Mirleft
Another herd of camels blocks our way. Might be good weather for camels but for us it was HOT and sweaty. 45°C
We left Tiznit and rode towards the Anti Atlas mountains.
Here the mountains are starting to loom up on us.
A wild camp about 35 km out of Tiznit at the base of the mountains
Monday morning in Tighme and the butchers shop has a whole calf head for sale?
A VERY lucky lift up 1000m of elevation
The view from our truck and the long pass we didn't have to ride.
Unloading at Tizoughrane after a great 20km lift.
On the road again to Tafraoute
Enjoying a shady lunch
A village scene in the Anti Atlas
Our camp ground at Tafraoute "Camping Tazka"
Tafraoute a panorama (click to view) with Tafraoute in the centre and our camp to the right and the granite boulders surrounding.