Morocco Cycle Touring week 3: Atlantic Coast to Marrakesh

up the coast from Inssouane to Essaouira and then East, inland to Marrakesh
The beach at Inssouane looking North
The view from the harbour and to point Inssouance.
Fishing boats in Inssouance Port
Camels working, the one in front carrying equipment and the one behind with a load of hay on road out of Inssouane
Sunset over the Atlantic from the port in Essaouira
The choice of fish on the menu at the port side seafood restaurant/stall where we ate dinner. Essaouira
A street scene in Essaouira
The abandoned fort at the southern end of the beach in Essaouira
Leaving Essaouira (about 10km out) on the road inland to Marrakesh in the evening of 2nd May.
Our best Moroccan campsite to date. in Ounara (or Ounagh) in a grassy olive plantation
A street scene in a small town. Note the men idly standing around chatting. Never any women hanging about!
Another street scene.
About 35km out of Marrakesh there was a shoulder especially for cyclists
And another 15 km on there was now a red painted 1.5m wide lane, an a huge sign saying, I think, give way to cyclists.
The Marrakesh campsite had a pool side restaurant and was by far the best camping area so far though it was 10km out of Marrakesh to the south. (4th May)
With a resort like campsite we relaxed around the pool and only rode to the nearest village to pick up some food for a picnic dinner (including wine from the restaurant at the camp)
Monday (6th May) we ventured into the city and rode around the small back streets and walked through the souk and markets. This is the main square where snake charmers and monkey keepers charged tourists for photos.
We ate dinner in the markets and could watch the comings and goings. This included entertainers of many kinds: musicians, dancers, traditional costumed men and animal handlers, all trying to get a dirham or more from the many tourists.
Her is another shot of the Marrakesh main square, with stalls and plenty of activity.