Black Forest Weekend in Southern Germany April 2013

The Rhine River: Amazingly we crossed in and out of Switzerland and Germany before crossing the Rhine on this quaint enclosed wooden bridge into Switzerland.
Beautiful Swiss villages along the south bank of the Rhine and lake Constance (Boden See).
We drove down into Switzerland and along Lake Constance (Bodensee) to Constance (Konstanz) where this photo is taken.
This is a close up of the statue of "Imperia" the courtesan holding the pope in one hand and the king in the other, both naked. Based on a story about the 1414 church meeting in Constance.
The Swiss Alps in the distance behind the harbour and lake at Constance (Konstanz)
The view from the hotel we stayed at near Tengen in the Black Forest. We could see the Swiss Alps the the photo doesn't really show them.
Annette and Daniel discussing the walk we might do.
We decide to start at the winter ski area of Fischbach.
An amazing ants nest.
The snow is still n the ground in the higher parts of the walk.
We walk about 5km to a Geological Park overlooking Lenzkirch, where we picnic.
Daniel spots some Frogs eggs in a puddle.
The frog's eggs up close.
We then drive to Schattenmuhle where we do another walk.
Walking along the river from Schattenmuhle.
The happy group at the end of the day walking in the Black Forest. We walked about 15km in total.