Canberra MTBing & Paragliding

P1060930-2014-08-16at11-51-11 Stromlo, Kowen Forest and Lake George fantastic!
First we rode a loop at Mount Stromlo on the Friday

DSCF0111-2014-08-15at16-16-15 DSCF0112-2014-08-15at16-16-17

We stayed in Queanbeyan and on Saturday we rode at Kowen Forest

P1060936-2014-08-16at12-16-27 P1060939-2014-08-16at12-37-59
Kate and Annette and I rode first. Here is Toby resting in the Sprinter between rides

P1060944-2014-08-16at13-22-39 DSCF0117-2014-08-16at12-22-51

Then it was Andrew's turn to join us and again we had a great ride.

Then in the late afternoon Andrew and I headed out to Lake George hoping to fly and WOW it was on.

IMG_0839-2014-08-16at17-04-02 (1) IMG_0806-2014-08-16at16-44-05 (1)

1 1/2 hour flight soaring and attacked by a huge wedge tail eagle, photo of it on my wing looking at me!