Off to New Zealand MTBing

Rotorua_P1030267 We arrived in Rotorua for 3 weeks Mountain Biking.

This years trip to New Zealand was again a great success and a really enjoyable time. BUT there it was not all sunshine and fun.

First Annette developed a large lump on her right calf which we thought was a spider bite. Jeanette organised an appointment with her GP: Sharon Lovegrove who correctly determined it was a boil, and probably the result of an infection getting in when Annette grazed her belly in an unsuccessful tandem paragliding launch on the Sunday 9th September (2 weeks earlier). The cpue to this was the second smaller boil which appeared in the centre of her lower back. She was prescribed antibiotics (Flucoloxin) and a culture was taken. It was a slow healing process documented in PHOTOS HERE.

The first week was plagued with rainy weather and with Annette boil we didn't ride as often as we might have.

Emma and James left on Tuesday morning and the weather was atrocious but despite this they had a good time. The only really fine day they went sea kayaking and they did quite a few walks in the wet and finished by floating through the glow worm caves. We met them on the following Monday after the car we had booked did not have the racks we had hoped for so we took a cargo van which ended up working out much more conveniently and cheaper as we took it for less days. There were no racks to put on so we just drove the van down to Taupo and as the weather was still miserable we visited a thermal area and took a swim in a thermal pool before heading to Kinloch to camp on the shore of Lake Taupo. We took the bikes out of our cargo van and just slept in the back… perfect. The next day we rode from Kinloch towards W?? and did a loop around the headland. I had a poor night sleep and felt tired with the flu coming on.

On Thursday we did a great trip on the Pakihi Track SEE STORY AND PHOTOS HERE

Emma and James left Saturday.

We headed out for a big ride on the Moerangi Track in the Whiranaki Forest on Monday and here is the BLOG and PHOTOS

We rode in the park for the next few days although the wet weather certainly curtailed our enthusiasm and meant we headed out late most days.

On Thursday afternoon our BIKE FRAME BROKE which ended our riding with a 3km walk out of the forest.
It was pouring rain Friday and I wasn't feeling well so we spent a day shopping in Rotorua and checking on our bike repair.
Saturday we went into town (Rotorua) so the anti-Monsanto rally and NO GMO natural seeds info stand in the Focus Centre.