MTB morning ride with Andrew

Garrawarra-IMG_0562-2014-04-23at09-56-48 We rode out to Garrawarra to check the single Track
We were away for about 2 1/2 hours riding almost all off road and the single track was pretty tight for the Tandem.

Garrawarra-IMG_0563-2014-04-23at09-57-10 We found a fancy "North Shore" ramp: here is Andrew.

It was a bit too daunting for the tandem so I rode Andrews new Giant 29er on the ramp while Annette watched

Garrawarra-IMG_0575-2014-04-23at10-01-32 Garrawarra-IMG_0574-2014-04-23at10-01-32

Garrawarra-IMG_0583-2014-04-23at10-01-34 It was a pretty fancy and windy ramp.