Paragliding at Lake Liddell

P1246073 10 days at Lake Liddell helping with SIV courses
In summary I had 12 flights, 8 from tow over the 10 days and was mainly driving the tow boat.
The first course just finished.
The second course had 3 flights only and then was washed out. The first day was extremely hot 45+ degrees.
The third course finished on time.
I had flights as follows:
16th: 2 SIV flights with instruction
16th: went to Lake St Clair for foot launch
17th: 2 flights, first with instruction
18th: 3 sledys
22nd: 1 SIV flight with instruction.
24th: 3 flight with instruction including reserve deploy.
8 towed flights, 7 with instruction. Did stalls on most flights, a number of SATs including one to the right and a reserve throw.

24th PHOTOS HERE and LOG entry HERE