Burma 9 Irrawaddy Ferry to Bagan

P1120521 P1120528 Ferry & on to Bagan….

Breakfast at 5:45
We had been asked the night before if we wanted a wake up call but we said we would be right if we could have breakfast at 5:45am. No worries! well at 5:45 I headed over to the dining area to find our waiter asleep in the centre of the dining room/reception area. He stirred as I walked up the stairs and when I saw him I excused myself and returned to our room to return a few minutes later to find all four staff now awake and working. We were hoping to leave by 6am to be a the ferry by 6:30. Well breakfast didn’t start arriving until nearly 6 and by the time we had finished it was nearly 6:15.
It was a rushed ride across Mandalay… getting every one of the 4 or 5 traffic lights on the 8km ride to the river and the ferry.

The ferry
Loading our bike was the first challenge...