Skiing at Perisher

P1140704-Yarrandoo 4 days, skiing at Perisher
We had a great 4 days: although the conditions were marginal.
The photo in the summary (above) is of Yarrandoo, (bottom right of the ridge run) with the grass on Thursday, which was apparently the first day it was opened.
The snow was great on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but by Thursday it was mostly groomed runs.
The cover was quite thin which made dodging rocks or tussocks of grass necessary on any run without snow making.
The exception to this was Guthega which although thin was nicely groomed natural snow with no unexpected rocks.

IMG_0009-Perisher The lower slopes of Olympic

IMG_0008-Olympic After making a high traverse to Olympic, which was not open.

IMG_0012-Olympic Skiing down some excellent fresh snow after traversing from the top of the quad to Olympic. This was so good we made the long loop and slow traverse (with plenty of stepping up) a second time.

IMG_0014-Perisher-Eyre This is a photo of a pitch between Hypertrail and Eyre on Tuesday I think

P1140701-Guthega Parked at Guthega on Thursday morning

IMG_0016-Kamikaze Skiing down Kamikaze on Thursday. Good snow though quite a few exposed rocks.