Paragliding Epic Flight

IMG_1034-2014-11-07at15-22-09 An flight south passed Bulli Pass and back … Amazing
A few more details in my paragliding log entry though pretty much the same

Image 7-11-2014 at 11.32 pm-2014-11-07at23-32-45

Launched from the Northern Launch as the wind was quite East at about 3:05. Watched Larry cross the beach to Mitchell's and thought he had made it so I followed. He turned back and anded on the beach but I had more success

IMG_1034-2014-11-07at15-22-09 At 3:22pm above Mitchell's looking across Stanwell Park

IMG_1041-2014-11-07at15-22-40 The Seacliff Bridge and Coalcliff

IMG_1048-2014-11-07at15-37-11 3:37 heading South towards Sublime Point. I can see another paraglider in the distance (both Nir and Ralph were further South)

IMG_1053-2014-11-07at15-52-02Image 7-11-2014 at 10.44 pm-2014-11-07at22-44-13 (1)
By 3:52pm I am over Bulli Pass and Nir (another paraglider pilot) id curling using the thermals. I have no vario so can't make much use of the thermals although I do a few successful circles to get more height.
I continued South as far as Bellambi Creek and the large substation on Mt Ousley Road. No photos as it was a bit rough and I didn't want to drop my phone.

IMG_1060-2014-11-07at17-04-01 (1) It was 5:04 when I again reached Michell's after a nerve racking trip back as there was a lot of distance to safe landings and many of the ridges did not face the wind.

IMG_1068-2014-11-07at17-18-56 The cross back to Bald Hill was the lowest I have ever gone as I reached the steep cliff face which finally offered lift. I had figured it was low tide and I could make an emergency landing on the rock platform if necessary. It was 5:18 when I was again above launch.

IMG_1073-2014-11-07at17-37-20 I headed north to complete the full coast run and this shot is at Burning Palms in line with the ridge over to Era beach taken at 5:37pm.

I finally landed back at the North launch at about 5:50 for a total flight of 2 hours 45 minutes. EPIC.

IMG_1080-2014-11-07at19-20-24 Andrew came down for a late fly after work and this is him coming in to land at about 7:20pm just as the sun is setting.