Tassie bushwalking with Sara

IMG_0490-2014-11-29at16-55-07 With Sara to Mt Ossa, The Walls of Jerusalem, Cradle Mountain

Mt Ossa hike: 29th November 2014
10am: Arm River Car Park
12 noon: Lake Price with Mt Pillinger
4:15: Pelion Hut
7pm: Pelion Gap where we camped

9am Pelion Gap
11am Mt Ossa
2pm Pelion Gap for lunch
2:40 set off from Pelion Gap
4:30 Pelion Hut
7:30 Lake Price
9:00pm Car Park (pretty dark) drove to Walls of Jerusalem Car Park

11pm in bed in tent

Walk at Walls of Jerusalem: 1st December
10:30 depart
11:30 Trappers Hut
12 noon: Ridge top
1:17pm Wild Dog Campsite
2:17 left campsite
3:00 Damascus Gate and The Throne (photo)
3:22 Dixon Kingdom Hut and toilets
3:45 photo of Mt Jerusalem from Jaffa Gate and also view of Eastern Wall… turned back
4:35 Pool of Bethesda
5:20 Wid Dog Camp
7:12 Trappers Hut
8pm apport car park