Beachcombers Annual Family Week

Perisher-family-2014-08-22at10-48-37 Beachcombers Family Week
Oversnow_2874-2014-08-28at20-34-11 Toby arriving at the Snow on the Oversnow on 17th August

DSCF0141-2014-08-17at12-27-34 Toby was the star attraction.

P1160732-2014-08-18at12-07-21 P1160724-2014-08-18at11-56-52

On Monday the weather was pretty poor but Emma came out and had a short go skinning up the hill outside the lodge.

DSCF0143-2014-08-19at16-36-49 Emma and Kate looked bright on 19th

P1060963-2014-08-22at10-50-14 Sheridan and Paul having fun on their snowboards.

P1060971-2014-08-22at21-16-12 P1060976-2014-08-22at21-16-59 around the lodge

Beachcombers_IMG_2880-MOTION-2014-08-28at20-44-10 Toby saying goodbye to Andrew and Gary going out skiing.

P1060338-2014-08-23at16-08-44 P1060336-2014-08-23at16-08-23

Over at Mount Perisher: Gary on his Snowboard with Brett and Brett and Andrew

The second week

P1160773-2014-08-25at16-22-29 (1) We met Kate at the Terminal after she walked down with Toby

P1160757-2014-08-24at15-24-56 Annette showing off her parallel turns.

On Saturday afternoon I boarded with Dean, Anika and Jenny and on Sunday I spent a few hours back on my skis in the Halfpipe with them which was good fun.