Kashan, Esfahan & Tehran

2013-03-15 at Kashan (1) 2013-03-17 at Iran (3) What a great “Road Trip” with Pouya….

We had met a two really generous guys in Shemshak and one of them, Pouya had amazingly offered to take us to Kashan and Esfahan for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. We had arranged to meet at 9am outside our hotel and take with traffic we ended up in Kashan about 2pm. Pouya had booked us into a restored traditional house that was now a boutique hotel called Manouchehri House. After lunch we visited a number of traditional houses all built on the same lines as our hotel. We then took a walk around the bazar. (The cost for this hotel was 2,646,306 rials about AU$83)

We spent some time in Kashan waiting for Pouya and enjoying some people watching. Kashan was certainly a more conservative place than we had seen previously on this visit to Iran. Almost all women were wearing a black chador or cloak. We than drove to Esfahan where we ate lunch and then walked across the bridge to Julfa, the Armenian section of town.
About 9pm we booked into a really impressive hotel: Abbasi Hotel which was an old “Caravanasi” It was the most impressive and beautiful hotel we had ever stayed in. The cost for the night was 4,210,000 rials (at 33,000 to $1 that is AU$128)

Looked around Esfahan and drove back to Tehran

Went and visited Ali and went out to dinner at Pouya’s parent home.