Skiing at Perisher: Beachcombers 2 weeks

Perisher-Family-P1020809 A sensational two weeks at Beachcombers

These were the best 2 weeks of the season! It was a pretty lousy season.

first week we were there with Greg and Mike and their families and the weather included rain and wind.

On Friday
Annette had a bad fall. We don't know exactly what happened but she was probably knocked over onto her left shoulder and chest and has no memory of about an hour of the day. She was taken off to the medical Centre in an oversnow ambulance and took a few days to recover enough to ski. She was probably lucky to be able to ski again that week as the "whip-lash" to her neck made it very difficult to roll over or get out of bed. Still that was quite painful and It will take a good few weeks to recover fully.

second week was much better although Sunday was atrocious with no chairs open due to extremely strong winds and even Happy Valley T-bar was on wind hold. The queues were also amazingly long. The snow improved over the week and Wednesday was probably the best day of the season snow wise. It was great to both ski and snowboard and I had time on the snow with each of the girls when there was just the two of us skiing together. (This was partly due to Annette not being out as much due to her injury, and also the weather was a times a little unpleasant which meant others retired early). Overall a fabulous family week!!

For the record:
Here is Gary's
public dashboard of Perisher lifts for the 18 days I skied. I did less than half the vertical as in 2012 although we spent a lot of time on North Perisher and International which both don't count. I was about 100th on the leader board. Total skiing days this year was 28 in Gulmarg, 4 in Iran and 18 in Perisher for a total of 50 days.