MTBing at Jindabyne: Bungarra

Burm_at_Bungarra-P1050853-2014-04-17at14-05-58 Some great teacks to enjoy at Bungarra near Jindabyne
Bungarra-P1050851-2014-04-17at13-13-37 Here is the parking area and it costs just $7 each (bring csh as it is an honesty envelope system.

MTB_Bungarra_P1050849-2014-04-17at13-01-52 There were about 20 km of great track and a "Skills Park" where we even tried a see-saw and some ramps.

Bungarra-Map-P1050844-2014-04-17at11-22-06 Here is a map. We found the "goat track" a bit rocky and tight and had a fall there where Annette hurt her knee... not seriously but it did hurt.

As we were leaving we met Paul from "Rolling Grounds" the company that built the tracks.