City to Surf

City2Surf-IMG_2153 Sara, Jaylene and I all finished the City to Surf
I was pretty pleased with my run as I paced myself fairly well and felt fine at the finish which was much better than my previous outing in 2000. Jaylene had paid for Sara's entry and they were in a different start group so I did not see them until after the finish. They took it easy jogging along together but still finishing in under 2 hours.

Although I look pretty bad here just after the finish I actually felt quite well:

Here is my result: and the link

And here is a shot of me nearing the finish from here :

Here is the Garmin Connect record from my GPS

In 2000 I went up on the bus with University of Wollongong and it was a hot day and I overdid it being stopped by the first aid at the top of "Heartbreak Hill" and after escaping from there I did finish but was sick a few times and also bas in bed all afternoon in a bad way.
Here is that result but bear in mind I may have been 10 minutes in the first aid shelter on Heartbreak Hill: and the link