Beachcombers Perisher Music Festival

P1160232-2014-06-04at14-16-21 A week at Beachcombers including the Peak Music Festival...

After a bush walk to Porcupine Rocks.
P1060153-2014-06-06at17-28-22 And a drive up to Charlottes Pass, here we are with the main range in the background

P1060164-2014-06-06at19-45-13 We did plenty of relaxing around the lodge as well as a little bit of maintenance work before the weekend.

P1060182-2014-06-08at13-43-07 There was not much snow

P1060183-2014-06-08at13-57-10 But nevertheless some people did ski... not us

P1060186-2014-06-08at14-43-36 We enjoyed the Peak Music Festival.

P1060187-2014-06-08at18-31-45 One of our favourites: Claude Hay

P1060190-2014-06-08at21-48-39 And every evening at the Sundeck

P1060210-2014-06-09at17-46-46 But the Hussie Hicks were our favourite and what a fabulous finale concert at Smiggin's Pub. Here they have 2 members of the Marshall Mount Bush Band up to jam with them.