A Day in Doha, Qatar

2013-03-19 at Qatar (3) We flew from Tehran on Qatar Airlines and had 8 hours in Doha

We vlew from Tehran, across Iran and then across the Persian Gulf to reach Qatar. It is aparently the only desert country in the world having no rivers of permanent water. This was pretty evident from the plane as we flew in:
2013-03-19 at Qatar
Our plan was to visit the Museum of Islamic Art which is supposed to be really excellent. We paid the 100 Ryals (about AU$30) each for a visa and asked about a bus. We were told there were only taxis and we should get one at the airport for about 25 Ryals. No problem until we arrived at the gate of the museum which is on an island. The museum is closed every Tuesday, i.e. today. The taxi driver suggested we go on to the “Doha City Cenre”. It proved to be a huge shopping mall with all the typical mall shops. THe most interesting was the supermarket, a “Carrefours Hypermart” which sold a huge range of fruit and vegies from all over the world.
We then caught a bus back to the bay and I visited a small museum then we slowly strolled along the promenade. It was a popular and very tidy garden and walkway parallel to Al Cornishe St. 2013-03-19 at Qatar (1)
We ended up walking the whole 10km back to the airport. We even came upon a local fish market on the foreshore.2013-03-19 at Qatar (2) 2013-03-19 at Qatar (5)

Although it hadn’t worked out as planned it was interesting to compare this “artificial city” to Dubai. Quatar was far more pedestrian friendly with lots more open space. There was even a cycle path.