Wingello MTB family Sunday

IMG_20140706_130222-2014-07-06at13-02-22 Emma, Kate, James, Andrew & Toby all went to Wingello
It was a bitterly cold day but Andrew, James, and a guy we met there from Helensburgh, Jeff plus Annette and I did the 23km red loop in about 2 hours.
IMG_20140706_130223-2014-07-06at13-02-23 There was quite a bit of new single track including a 3km section which had just been opened with some very tight switchbacks that were impossible on the tandem.

P1060502-2014-07-06at15-08-59 Emma, Toby, Kate and Ruby took a walk while we were riding and used the back of the Sprinter to get out of the wind. After lunch it was the girl's turn and I took Andrews Giant 29er out for a short 10km ride.
P1060504-2014-07-06at16-14-58 P1060508-2014-07-06at16-17-05