New Year: 2015 Tahli & Michael married

P1080737-2015-01-10at16-08-55 Highlight of first weeks of 2015: Tahli & Michael's wedding
The New Year started hot and as has been the case most of 2014, Toby was the centre of attention so:
P1080605-2015-01-01at15-29-42 Here he is having a home-made berry ice-block (no sugar added… just berries) before we headed down to Coledale pool for a cool down dip. Again Toby was the centre of our world.

P1080627-2015-01-01at16-18-01 P1080664-2015-01-01at16-33-12

The next major activity was Tahli and Michael's wedding but in the meantime we did some work around Kate and Andrew's and at Emma and James.
P1080750-2015-01-10at16-44-49 P1080753-2015-01-10at17-02-25

P1080768-2015-01-10at19-19-13 Tahli and Michael's wedding was a perfect celebration. The rain which was predicted held off until after the ceremony and picnic in the garden and then a light shower had us all gathered together inside and mingling much for the cutting of the cake.

Here are a few shots of the work I did in Andrew and Kate's back yard.
P1080794-2015-01-12at18-10-58 P1080774-2015-01-12at17-53-10

And finally the day before we left for Japan Kate had bought a present for Emma, Sara and Annette of a trip to see the musical "Dirty Dancing" and I got to go into the city with them to look after Toby.
P1080807-2015-01-14at16-43-01 P1080814-2015-01-14at16-51-07