Sublime Point Walk with Sara

P1070388-2014-10-09at11-57-19 Walk from Stanwell Park to Austinmer via Sublime Point.
P1070372-2014-10-09at10-03-17 Setting off from behind Stanwell Park Station about 10am on Thursday.
P1070382-2014-10-09at11-26-11 At the junction of the Wodi Wodi track and the Forest Walk up to the escarpment
P1070395-2014-10-09at12-09-19 great views over Stanwell Park from Mt Mitchell : Here Annette, Sara, Ian and Lexie
P1070389-2014-10-09at12-03-08 A whale was visible in the distance off Bald Hill.
P1070397-2014-10-09at12-18-03 Another great view down to Coalcliff.
P1070398-2014-10-09at13-05-25 Along the Forest Walk
P1070405-2014-10-09at15-38-15 Flowers and a well formed track
P1070410-2014-10-09at16-24-55 From Sublime Point lookout there is a track down.
P1070412-2014-10-09at16-34-28 Ladders made it pretty easy going down
P1070413-2014-10-09at16-41-07 And there were plenty of well formed stairs
P1070417-2014-10-09at17-01-13 We finally finished in Austinmer about 5pm for a 7 hour walk….