Our flight to Dubai

IMG_2454 Our flight from Sydney to Dubai.

Well this is my first attempt at a Blog and we made it onto our flight in typical fashion, with little time to spare and having had no sleep the previous night. This was partly due to our flight leaving Sydney at 6am. We planned to leave home at 2am but got away at 2:30 am. Annette drove up while I checked some last minute chores.
The flight was pretty empty, only 85 pass on our Emirates Boeing B777 - 200. They were turning passengers away at the airport unless your flight terminated in Dubai or your onward destination was not Western Europe. Even if you were flying on in a few days you had to have pre booked accommodation of 7 nights or you were turned away as Emirates had been advised there was NO accommodation available in Dubai.
We had planned to stay at the Youth Hostel but had checked out camping in Dubai which is apparently possible on the beach for free provided you get a permit from the police. Anyway we hadn’t booked anything but in the last week we arranged to stay with my cousin’s daughter Millie who is living in Dubai