Toby eating breakfast

P1070039-2014-09-08at10-33-22 Toby always keeps us amused as he learns
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Even while learning to eat like this morning at Breakfast: see photo essay below:

P1070050-2014-09-08at10-34-25 What is that you are feeding me?

P1070051-2014-09-08at10-34-30 What... I am not sure I like coconut yogurt and kiwi fruit!

P1070043-2014-09-08at10-33-39 Let me try it.

P1070059-2014-09-08at10-34-59 Not too bad...

P1070058-2014-09-08at10-34-57 Yeah that's pretty good.

P1070047-2014-09-08at10-34-04 I'm going to lick the spoon.

P1070049-2014-09-08at10-34-16 Is there any more?