Sailing to Lord Howe and Return

Lord Howe Island Sailing over and back on Bright Morning Star
Here is my accommodation booking:

Gary Nelson
18 Wollongong St
Shellharbour, 2529
Home phone: 02 4297 5000
Business phone: 02 4297 7377
Fax: 02 4297 7370
Mobile: 04 1429 5500
Thursday, 24 June, 1999

Attention Kevin Wilson
Ocean View Apartments

FAX 02 65632122 phone: 02 65632041

after hours: 02 65632182

REGARDING: Accommodation in October
Dear Kevin,
I am sailing to Lord Howe island on the Bright Morning Star with Hugh Treharne. Jeanine Treharne advised me she has a booking for the crew for Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th October 1999.

My wife and a two friends are meeting me over there and then one of the friends is sailing back on the Bright Morning Star with me. Jeanine advised that my wife could tack on to her booking for the three nights of my stay but we would need to contact you about the other people and any other nights.

I hope the table below I hope makes our requirements clear

(my wife)

th October

no accom.

dateGary NelsonAnnette HurstJohn EggerMarilyn Egger
Sunday 25sailingbooked on flight needs accommodationbooked on flight needs accommodationbooked on flight needs accommodation
Monday 26thsailingneeds accom.

needs accom.

needs accom.

Tuesday 27th

gary arrives and booked in alreadyAnnette to share room with Gary

Wed. 28th


Thursday 29th


Friday 30th

departAnnette and Marilyn to sharedeparts on boat no accom.Annette and Marilyn to share
Satsailingbooked on am flight no accom.sailingbooked on am flight no accom

I will ring to check all is clear and find out about deposits etc


Gary Nelson