Japan Ski Trip 6 Kate's birthday

P1090880-2015-02-18at20-03-33 Kate's birthday, Back-country skiing, Onsen and Cake
The day started with Toby helping Annette make Rice pancakes specially for Kate
Then we drove to the other side of the valley and into the Tokachi Mountains to a natural spa: Fukiage Onsen where we put on our skins and Kate Andrew and I hiked up the hill for well over an hour:
Photos show us setting off with matching skis, hiking up and removing our skins at the top.
P1090840-2015-02-18at11-08-39 P1010831-2015-02-18at12-21-35 P1090852-2015-02-18at12-53-48
Then of course there was the fun part, a lovely mellow tree ski back down to the Onsen where Annette was minding Toby
P1010837-2015-02-18at13-01-40 P1090866-2015-02-18at13-08-29 P1090873-2015-02-18at13-24-50
We then spent a few hours in the Onsen (Spa) which included one of the few mixed outdoor baths. Toby (and Kate) loved it.
P1010954-2015-02-18at14-38-56 P1010978-2015-02-18at15-36-41

We went out to a "made in house" sausages restaurant and then home for cake (cheesecake) and candles:
To finish a fabulous day!