Back to Germany and then home.

P1140564-cycleway-Tübingen Ride from Stuttgart to Sara's in Tübingen …..
Monday (17th June 2013) we flew back to Stuttgart (Germany)
and then put the bike back together at the airport. The view as we crossed the Alps was awesome. It was hot putting the bike together but it only took a little less than 1 1/2hours. Next the problem was finding a bike route to Tübingen. there was a cycleway right at the airport but the signs directed to villages close-by and they weren't on our map. Finally we saw a sign saying Tübingen and headed onto that road only to be warned by a driver that the "312" was a "fast traffic" road and bikes were not allowed. He was very helpful and told us the best way to go. As it turned out he was an off-duty policeman. In the next village we found a cycleway through the forest and over a small mountain range and signposted to a town just near Tübingen. It ended up just after 8pm when we finally arrived to Sara's and a chance to relax in her garden.
Here is a map of our route:

Tuesday we hung around Sara's in the morning then
Annette went shopping and I went for a run despite the hot humid weather. Sara was home from Uni early and we chatted then went for a ride to a swimming lake beside the Nekar River. By the time we had dinner it was midnight.

Wednesday Sara put off her Botany prac 'till Thursday night to stay home and keep us company. Annette mended some clothes and we ate breakfast in the garden. Annette and Sara did some Yoga before Sara had to go to lectures.
P1140572-sewing P1140576-Yoga-Sara

We rode to the Tübingen station and packed the bike their.
We were lucky we had left plenty of time as we missed the connection at Stuttgart and had to wait an hour and half for the next train.
Our suitcase with bike weighed in at 29.7kg and our yellow duffel bag was 20 kg; i.e. total 49.7 kg but we checked in no worries.