Bike Friday gathering Mudgee

Capertee_trip_BF_us-2014-04-01at06-05-08 Riding from Lithgow to Mudgee for Bike Friday gathering
HERE are more photos

A great week away with over 400km risen from Lithgow to Capertee then to Rylstone and finally Mudgee.

It was the 18th gathering with about 140 Bike Friday owners:

Monday we rode from Lithgow to Capertee: 57km here is a map
tuesday we rode from Capertee to Rylstone: 80 km here is a map
Wednsday we rode from Rylstone to Mudgee: 53km here is a map
Thursday we did the first Gathering ride loop: 43 km here is a map
Friday we did a longer ride to Munghorn Gap: 97 km here is a map
Saturday we rode out to Gulgong and return: 75 km here is a map
Finally on sunday we did a short loop to lunch: 23 km here is a map