Jindy & Thredbo with Em & James

P1170311-2015-04-11at12-27-17 We met Emma & James at Jindabyne….
We had stayed home as Toby was still not well but finally we left on Thursday afternoon only to have car trouble before we even reached Sutton Forest see here. We finally arrived at Jindabyne about 2pm and met Emma and James at Bungarra.
We ate a quick lunch and followed James for a ride. At the the top of the hill Emma put on the "GoPro" to film James down some sweeping berms but on the first big bump she had too much speed and landed on her front wheel, then straight over the bars.

Amazingly she eventually picked herself up and continued riding.

Saturday (11th April) we went to Thredbo and rode from there down to Crackenback resort. It was a great ride along the
Thredbo Valley Track.

P1170304-2015-04-11at11-44-08 P1170324-2015-04-11at12-55-22 P1170321-2015-04-11at12-48-20

P1170313-2015-04-11at12-41-02 P1170308-2015-04-11at12-18-51 P1170322-2015-04-11at12-51-21