Last day cycling in Iran

IMG_4132 Our last day in Iran before entering Armenia
We left our suitcase/trailer at the Hotel in Jolfa and headed the 20km West along the Aras river to the monastery and Church of Saint Stephanos. This area has particular biblical significance as the area where “the garden of Eden” was supposed to be. It is now the border between the Azerbaijan enclave of Nakhchivan and Iran and therefore there is alot of military presence. The scenery was great and it was very pleasant riding without the anchor of the trailer, especially when reached the church up an incredibly steep hill. Checking on the GPs it was 1km of uphill at 15.4%
It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed cycling along the Aras River back to Jolfa, ate lunch in a cafe in town and headed off with trailer now in tow. There were a considerable number of steep pinches (including one of 500 metre at over 10%) and a slight head wind so as the day became a little tiresome as the weather deteriorated and about 10 minutes before reaching the border it bucketed down with rain. We took shelter at the border entrance about 8:45pm before proceeding out of Iran and across the bridge into Armenia.

Facts for the 21st May Jolfa to St Stephanos and back to Armenian border
distance: 118 km total in Iran: 1387 km total for trip: 1746 km
departure: 09:30 arrival: 20:45 travel time: 11:15 time on the move: 6 h 35 m
average speed: 19.3 kph maximum speed: 61 kph
elevation start: 725 m stop: 568 m ascent 1082 m