Train to Chongqing, China

Pasted Graphic Train to Chongqing
Sara rang from Chongqing in central southern China. It is a city of over 25 million (the total urban area). The photo above is of the city on the junction of the Jialing River on the right and the Yangze River on the left (brown).

In Chongqing she stayed with a friend of a friend of Andres, the guy whose place she stayed at (couch surfing) in Beijing.

This is the details of Sara's ticket from Beijing:
You on August 19, 2014 at the China Railway Customer Service Center Web site ( successfully purchased a ticket, the fare total of 229.00 yuan, order number E208576620. The car ticket information is as follows:

        1.NELSON SARA, 2014
08 20 10:35 open, Beijing West - Chongqing North, K589 train, 07 cars No. 008, seat fare 229.00 yuan

(about AU$40 for about 2000km on the train via Wuhan)