New Wheels Problems

P1070961-2014-11-24at16-38-12 New wheels not quite right!
Here is a bit of the story:
An email I compiled to Greg Ryan from TWE after picking up the wheels today.
Note the cost was quite expensive:
Spokes: $128 (front were 250mm rear were 254 inside and 258 outside, though I thought they should be the same length)
nut fixers (for rear wheel) $38
Labour rear $300 (this was the expensive bit as Greg said it was very difficult probably because 3 cross)
Labour front $75
Front hub: $85
total $625

Spokes were supposed to have a washer under the internal nipple which does not appear to be there:
P1070974-2014-11-24at21-17-48 P1070983-2014-11-24at21-19-44

Dear Greg,
I am pretty sure I am going to get the wheel rebuilt.
I am really very disappointed about this as I was quite excited about finally getting our new wheels which I had spent a lot of time researching and a lot of time and money getting organised and to find they are not right is very upsetting.  Although you were quite dismissive about the Derby rims (which I got at a discount and paid $765 for), for me these were an important and expensive investment. 

I also went to considerable trouble trying to ensure I got everything just right, which is why I chose you to do the wheel build as I had read about inexperienced wheel builders not getting the Rohloff Hub lacing correct.  I didn’t tell you how to do it just as I wouldn’t tell any other tradesman who indicated he knew how to do things how he should do his work, it would be insulting and demeaning.  This is probably the most upsetting part, after going to that extra trouble to find I was so wrong.

Anyway I have gone this far I don’t want to compromise my investment. I don’t want to be reminded every time I look at the bike that the wheels were built incorrectly.  I will probably forget the money and time I have wasted and the disappointment of having to wait to try out the rims.

To this end I would like to ask you to supply 36 (32 plus 4 spare) shorter spokes to suit rebuilding the rim correctly.  Also I had asked for some spare nipples and washers but did not get these from you. (4 of each please) plus some spare nipples for the front wheel.

As I do NOT want to spend more money on this project I propose to lace the wheel myself (although I have never done this before) and then return it to you to be trued.  

By my calculations the spokes will need to be about 238mm but I will rely on you to check this and if you have any doubts to send an extra set or 2 which I would return when I get the wheel trued.

I am prepared to pay in advance for all that you supply plus postage but would expect to get a refund for any unused spokes I return when I get the wheel trued.

I propose to post the rim back to you to be trued as I don’t need to drive from Shellharbour if postage is only $13 as you advised.

My address is below plus some details about Rohloff wheels

So I can get this underway please send me a price for:
However many sets of 36 spokes you think I might need to be sure I have the correct length to lace 2 cross.
4 spare internal nipples as in my rear wheel
4 spare washers as used in my rear wheel
4 spare nipples as used on my front wheel
Postage to Shellharbour.



Gary Nelson 
PO Box 4292, Shellharbour 2529
mobile:  0414295500

My wheel:


see Rohloff wheel build info

see more on Rohloff wheel build

Here is a link to advice about Rohloff Wheel building:

Here is a typical Forum post which is why I brought the rims to you to get built:

Here is the spoke calculation I used but please check this and supply extra sets if in any doubt.

I weighed the new wheels without tyres and I think these were the weights:
Front: 865 gm
Rear: 2995 gm plus disc rotor 195 gm