New Longer Rear Suspension Swing Arm

P1120368 New Longer swing Arm Installed (~12,542)
This increases the rear shock ration from 2:1 to 2.5:1.
So had I continued with the same shock which had 50mm of travel it would have increased the suspension travel from 100 to 125mm.

With my new rear shock which has 57mm of travel it increase the travel from 100 (with the old shock) to 57 x 2.5 = 142.5 (5.6").

It also increases the bike height:
from new height change
stokers seat: 980 1010 30
captains seat: 1082 1095 17
Boom rear A 345 360 15
Boom front V 355 365 10

P1120345 (1) P1120347
before and after photos of new rear shock and longer swing arm
next to put on the new front forks…