Gear cable lengths

Here are the lengths of the cables:
Cable 1 is the one above the brake which then runs inboard along the top tube and enters the top of the change box.
Cable 14 comes from below the brake lever at the front and then on the outer (right) side of the top tube and into the bottom of the change box.

Cable 1 outer:
front: 425 mm
middle: 320 mm
rear: 730 mm
Cable 1 inner (wire)
front: 1320 mm approx
rear: 1140 mm

Cable 14 outer:
front: 380 mm
middle: 320 mm
rear: 770 mm
Cable 14 inner (wire)
front: ???? mm not measured
rear: 1170 mm

I emailed Paul Moir (Rohloff Australia) about replacing the cables with all Rohloff cables:

Hi Paul,
We are back in New Zealand at present doing a bit of riding at Rotorua again.  In the next month we will be driving up to the Gold Coast and doing some riding on the way up and way back before going in the 100km+ Highland Fling (race) in early November so all in all the bike, and hub is getting quite a bit of use.  You may remember I had been concerned about the difficulty shifting and finally I cleaned and lubed the cables and at least temporarily that has made a huge difference.  With our tandem having S&S couplings and being freighted a bit I am keen to replace the cables which are slightly kinked in places and are now 5 years old.
So could you supply prices and advise availability for the following parts: 
  • 8201:  replacement rubber grip for my older style changer
  • 8265:  shifting cables pair (1.8m long and 1.1mm diameter)
  • 8268:  cable set (pair of cables with housings again 1.8m long.
  • 8702:  shifter cable ferrules set of 10   (I actually need 12 but can reuse a couple of the old ones)
 I will need all the above as the cables are joined in the middle by deVinci joiners and the outers are in 3 paired sections.

Also the hub is leaking quite a bit. I have had to travel with the bike on its side and there has been quite a puddle of oil each time.  I changed the oil today and there was less oil came out after the rinsing oil was used than went in despite long draining time and repeated shaking to get every drop out.  As a consequence I am going to have to attempt a seal replacement and therefor will probably need prices for:
  •       hub seal replacement tool
  •       replacement hub seals

Any advice (other than the obvious, get an expert to do it) would be greatly appreciated 
( I watched this video which made it look quite easy:

thanks for your help,

Gary Nelson