New Tubes and changed tyres

new-tubes-P1050821-2014-04-13at22-28-18 New tubes: Michelin Protek Max fitted front & back
These tubes are supposedly picture resistant and have a slime inside. Also they apparently can't be repaired:
tube-info-P1050822-2014-04-13at22-28-27 (1)

At the same time the old heavy duty tyres were put back on. The rear tyre we had been using since the Highland Fling had a bad pucture in the casing and we had had 2 flats caused by the tube pinching in the hole in the casing. This tyres was naturally thoen away despite having plenty of wear left.

FRONT TYRE: MAXXIS 2.35 Minion DH (Maxpro 60)

REAR TYRE: MAXXIS 2.5 High Roller (Maxpro 60)