Rohloff email

note email asks for wrong spokes (correct is 243 mm)
Correct spoke length is 243mm

rohloff parts for tandem
Hi Paul, We spoke this morning and you gave me some good ideas, thanks for that.
We are in a 50km race this weekend (3 ring circus) and need the following bits before then if possible:
8501 SPROCKET REMOVER 238mm SPOKES (I only need 1 but I should get some spares so lets say 5) S-L-T 99 CHAINS (I need 104 links and 152 links so probably 3 chains). If not available I will just use shimano chains.
Please send me payment details including express post so I might get these ASAP.
You mentioned the widgit to me. I had some trouble finding it as I kept looking for widget, despite you spelling it for me. Anyway I have spent an hour or more investigating that but it is going to be tricky to make it work as the drive chainring is 38T to 16T and the widgit only goes to 34T or 32T which would mean moving to 13T on the hub and losing a little low end. Also the other issue is we can not use both sides of the guide plate as there is the timing chainrings inbound of the drive chainring, both being mounted to the larger 104 PCD of a standard spider. I note at present we are slightly below the Rohloff minimum (or maximum torque) for tandem of 38/15 but being a mixed tandem I doubt this is an issue. Also there is the issue of the 13T is set 58mm out to clear the hub compared to 54mm for the larger 15T or 16T. This is going to involve spacing the drive chainring 4mm further out which will provide some useful clearance between the 2 chains (the drive and the timing) if they are both running 32T. I have put a call in to Paul at "widgit" to discuss spacing etc.
For the time being I will reverse the 16T I have and get some spokes and chains if you have them as mentioned above.
So I can follow up on these ideas please advise price and availability of: 8290 chain guide (this one mounts on seat tube) 8291 DH chain guide (fits inside rear sprocket) 8245 DH tensioner
8293 DH kit (tensioner and guide)
8251 tensioner jockey wheels does the DH chain guide work for a 13T sprocket given the chain runs next to the hub assembly being 4mm further out.??
Again thanks for all your help, even if we just get some DH guides like the E13 XCX that the widgit links got me reading about it should all help though the widgit sounds like the way to go. regards. Gary