New Cranks & Bottom Brackets

P3243198-2016-03-24at11-33-58 New Front and Rear Cranks and Bottom Bracket Bearings 13,460 km
New from Chain Reaction Shimano Deore XT cranks and bottom Bracket Bearings. Cost $164.99 each

old Hope BB bearings: 112gm
new Shimano XT BB: 90gm

Old FSA cranks: 170 rear: 682gm
New Shimano XT 170: 592gm
chainrings ring 100gm

Old FSA cranks: 175 front: 696gm
New Shimano XT 175: 598gm

P3233193-2016-03-23at17-12-09 P3243204-2016-03-24at14-11-23 P3233195-2016-03-23at18-14-44