Replaced Swingarm 13,460km

P3233174-2016-03-23at15-36-10 Replaced broken swing arm.
I had contacted Ventana the day it broke and they took some time deciding what to do as this was the third broken swing arm.
I spoke to Sherwood Gibson, the owner of Ventana and later heard back from Teresa at Ventana that Sherwood would eventually build me a steel swing arm. He felt the Rohloff hub which in low gear torques the frame in the opposite direction was the problem.

P3233176-2016-03-23at15-36-43 P3233178-2016-03-23at15-37-42 P3233180-2016-03-23at15-38-46

The new Swingarm was sent on 5th March (see invoice email that date from Teresa) cost was US$331 or AU$463

This is swing-arm 4th replacement table shows replacement date distance and weight of new swing-arm
1st broke Rotorua + Highland Fling: 29/11/2013 11,015km 630gm
2nd broke doing the Wollemi: 25/11/2014 12,283km 665gm
3rd broke in Tassie at Derby: 23/3/2016 13,440km 696gm cost US$331 or AU$463 4th is the one installed now:
so this is the 4th