Suspension Service

IMG_0954-2014-09-17at09-38-51 Suspension Service Front Forks and rear shock
IMG_0949-2014-09-17at09-38-07 The Front fork was showing considerable wear and was leaking some oil. You can see the wear on the left stanchion in the photo. I got it serviced at The Bike Shop Mortdale (TBSM). Arron was the service manager I dealt with and I spoke to Mitch who I think did the service. He found a broken spring and a cracked piston head and although they seemed to question whether it was worth repairing they got it back together with new seals.

IMG_0956-2014-09-17at09-39-10 The rear suspension was done at the same time.

P1070174-2014-09-24at13-42-16 (1) This bit was broken and came from the front forks??

The costs seemed very reasonable at TBSM:
The Fork service was about $175
The rear shock was about $110 (even though they quoted $200)
The wheel truing was $30 x 2 = $60
For a total just under $350