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2015-36-talas-160-fit-rc2-l-main-2015-04-29at10-53-43 Here is some research
The Fox Talus 36 in 2015 is
AC (Axle to crown)536.4 mm (@160 travel) which is 9mm less than the 2014 model.
The rake is only 37mm compared to a recommended of 45 mm

The Talus is adjustable to lower the travel to 130 mm which I understand would reduce the height to 506 mm compared to the recommended 493 by Ventana.

Here is a review of Fox 36 for 2015 model released mid 2014

Here it is on the Fox USA site

Here is a review

also in email to self today

The Fox 40 with double crown is NOT adjustable and therefore with a 571.2 Axle to Stem I think it is too long.
here is some info about adjusting it